Project Description

Action for Children in Conflict (AfCiC) is an NGO based in Thika, Kenya. It works in the communities of Kiambu, Muranga and in neighboring counties to remove children and adolescents from the streets, facilitating their reintegration into school and reunification with their families. Over the past decade AfCiC has supported more than 4,600 children, reintegrating hundreds of them in school and providing professional training to 1,000 adolescents unable to attend traditional schools. Furthermore, every year the NGO provides meals to the 500 children of the St. Patrick primary school in Thika, with the aim of facilitating their stay in school.

Since April 2018, the Pianoterra Foundation has supported AfCiC with the aim to strenghten the NGO’s long-term sustainability and its work to protect vulnerable children. Specifically, the Foundation supports the recovery, rehabilitation, socialization and reintegration of children living on the street; the school canteen and the education of boys and girls living in the slums and poorer neighborhoods of Thika; legal assistance to women and children who are victims of domestic violence; the development for boys and girls of skills needed to strenghten their self-esteem and find a job; the enhancement of AfCiC’s staff through skill. Pianoterra Foundation also supports AfCiC with the water safety project “Water for cultivating the future”, which aims at building a borehole inside the AfCiC center in Thika, to supply water for domestic use and agriculture.

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