Project Description

The Gianandrea Mutti Award for migrant cinema is promoted by the Association Amici di Giana in partnership with the Cineteca di Bologna Foundation and the Archive of Migrant Memories, and supports the creation of film productions directed by foreign filmmakers who reside permanently in Italy and express a participatory vision of contemporary culture and a sensitivity to the theme of cultural diversity and social inclusion.

The award was created because for foreign film-makers financing their works in Italy is almost impossible, due to the lack of cultural policies aimed at encouraging their productions and direct TV channels’ investments. The Gianandrea Mutti Prize Award for migrant cinema wants to fill this void with two main goals: to promote new languages ​​and forms of self-representation through cinema and documentary and to stimulate the development of more inclusive cultural policies.

The Pianoterra Foundation has been supporting the award since 2016, both financially and operatively, becoming part of the network of subjects activated around the projects of the award-winning directors, often very young, to help them make their films. This support is based also on the awareness that over the years the award has increasingly become a hotbed of creativity for young artists as well. Furthermore, the films produced represent effective counter-narratives on the mixed and complex contemporaneity of our urban realities, the same in which the Pianoterra projects are born and are implemented, and can become extraordinary teaching and pedagogical tools to work with children and adolescents on the migration issue, opening up to the point of view of migrants.

The call for applications for the 2022 edition of the Gianandrea Mutti Award for migrant cinema can be downloaded at this link The call will remain open until 15 maggio 2022.

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