Project Description

Kene is a unique project, the completion of a training course that began years ago at the Termini station in Rome, with the image of a bed made of rags. A journey within the journey, undertaken by Mohamed Keita who was forced to leave Ivory Coast when he was little more than a child and to seek refuge in Italy. After that first forced journey, another one, this time, strongly desired, desired, brought him back to Africa, to Mali. A journey back home with the aim of passing his passion for photography to other children and giving them a chance for redemption and social promotion. A journey of restitution, in other words, and at the same time a hymn to photography and its magical regenerating power. In summer 2017 “Kene” was born. A “space” (that is the meaning of the word in Mandingue) where to hold photography workshops in the Kanadjikila district, in Bamako, to stimulate professionalism in the photographic field, and more globally to foster growth and work opportunities for young people living on the outskirts of the city.

The Pianoterra Foundation embraced the project from the very beginning and supported Mohamed Keita in the designing and realization of workshops in Mali and in the promotion of the project in Italy, through fund raising actions and exhibitions.

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