Project Description

“When images touch us deeply, we find ourselves projecting our personal emotions and experiences onto them. For me, looking at the photos in this book awakens long-hidden childhood memories that reconnect me with the little girl I was. I hope that other readers can also experience similar moments of reconnection ” ~ Marina Abramović

Little Ones was born long time ago. It collects snapshots that Alessia Bulgari, photographer, president and co-founder of Pianoterra, took in very different and distant places and seasons of life. They range from a school in Barbados to the set of the film “Tea in the desert” in Morocco, from the alleys of Dharamsala in northern India to the Tibet reconstructed in the film “Little Buddha”, to the Umbrian hills. All these places are kept together by a theme, childhood, at the same time obvious and with ever-elusive boundaries, gradually emerged as a real obsession, the subject of an existential research rather than an artistic one. The idea of ​​giving this research the form of a book, a journey through space and time in an age in which these same notions take on a different dimension, was finally born from the affectionate collaboration with Marina Abramović è nata infine l’idea di dare a questa ricerca la forma di un libro, un viaggio nello spazio e nel tempo in un’età in cui queste stesse nozioni assumono una dimensione altra.

Little Ones was published by the London publishing house TrolleyBooks. It can be ordered directly from the publisher’s website, at this link. The book is also available on Amazon.

You can also order the book from the Pianoterra Foundation, writing to

The Little Ones publishing project is closely linked to the Pianoterra activities to which the entire proceeds of the sales will be donated.