Project Description

The Pianoterra Association was founded in Naples in 2008 to support families who live in conditions of socio-economic precariousness. The association carries out projects in Naples, Castel Volturno and Rome, focusing in particular on mother-child couple. Its work is based on the assumption that improving a child’s life from the beginning, health and development problems linked to poverty and marginalization can be prevented, so that social and family discomfort won’t jeopardize the development of future generations.

In particular, the Pianoterra Association carries out socio-health projects aimed at pregnant women and families with minors up to 6 years old, and interventions to tackle educational poverty aimed at minors up to the age of 18.

Born from the experience of the Association with the aim of broadening its range of action, the Pianoterra Foundation supports it by strengthening its activities and interventions that focus on personal and community growth and emancipation.

In particular, the Foundation periodically organizes The Milky Way event, a fundraising contemporary art exhibition conceived and curated by Damiana Leoni.

Here the details of all The Milky Way editions.