Project Description

Immigration is one of the hottest and most controversial issues of our time, a slippery and conflicting terrain often fueled by bad information, superficiality and bad faith. The Internazionale magazine has long time been at the forefront of promoting a serious, rigorous and in-depth debate on what is perhaps the most important challenge today. From this commitment was born the initiative “Three things to know on immigration”, designed in Rome in collaboration with Tuba Bazar bookshop: a series of meetings organized by the journalist Annalisa Camilli which sees the participation of  Italian and foreigners intellectuals, politicians, journalists and artists.

The Pianoterra Foundation sponsored this initiative, in the belief that providing information and culture is of fundamental importance in combating all forms of prejudice. Only by accepting the complexity of the issue of migration, starting from its false myths, will it be possible to dismantle the most dangerous aspects of xenophobic and racist rhetoric, the effects of which hit in first place and with greater violence individuals and communities among the most fragile and vulnerable.

Below is the complete program of the review.

Tre cose da sapere sull'immigrazione