Project Description

Tree“: living the life of a rainforest tree, a virtual reality experience designed and produced by Milica Zec and Winslow Turner Porter III.

After Giant, presented last year by Pianoterra at the Festival of Internazionale in Ferrara and at the MAXXI in Rome, comes the second chapter of the trilogy by Zec and Porter on the state of our collective life on Earth. While the previous work portrayed the war from the point of view of children, Tree focuses on the issue of climate change. Tropical deforestation is the second cause of climate change and, according to the FAO, more than 7 million hectares of forest are lost every year: the risk is that in 2030 only 10% of the rainforest will remain and, in a short time, every residual trace of this environment will be lost forever.

Through an extraordinary visual and sensory experience made possible by virtual reality technologies, Tree allows us to enter the cycle of life from a perspective that is not anthropocentric and experience for a few minutes the life of a plant: an experience that raises a new harmony with the nature, a more conscious respect for it and, above all, the drive to act.

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