Project Description

Giant” was born from the personal experience of director and co-author Milica Zec, who grew up in Serbia when the country was torn apart by the civil conflict of the 1990s.

The experience of war, at the core of Milica Zec’s film, continues to mark our contemporaneity, with war scenarios multiplying all over the world. For the viewer who lives in Europe or the United States, however, these are always remote scenarios, which briefly come to life in the news on TV or on the web and never get to touch their daily life. “Giant” wants to open a window into what it can mean for an ordinary American family to really be at the epicenter of a conflict. Thanks to the virtual reality tool, the audience finds themselves catapulted for a moment into a war zone together with Clara, Josh and little Rose. This, in the intentions of the authors, can help to shorten distances and develop a condition of empathy for people who experience an upheaval completely independent of their choices or their control, and who in that chaos look for ways to protect themselves and their loved one.

“Giant” is a project created by Milica Zec and Winslow Turner Porter III, and was developed as part of NEW INC., The New Museum of New York’s art, technology and design incubation program. It premiered in 2016 at the Sundance Film Festival and has since participated in numerous festivals around the world. It is the first chapter of an ideal trilogy on the evil that man inflicts on his fellow men and the environment, the second chapter of which, “Tree”, co-produced by Fondazione Pianoterra, was presented at the Sundance Film Festival too.

Fondazione Pianoterra has chosen to support Milica Zec’s work, recognizing its value for the centrality of the issues addressed and for its great transformative potential, and contributed to its production and dissemination in Italy.

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