Project Description

Samouni Road” is a film by Stefano Savona with animations by Simone Massi, which draws a family portrait before, after and during the tragic events that changed their lives forever. In the rural outskirts of Gaza City, a small community of peasants, the Samouni family, is preparing to celebrate a wedding, the first party since the end of the war. Amal, Fouad, their brothers and cousins ​​have lost their relatives, their homes. The neighborhood is now being rebuilt, olive trees are being planted and the fields destroyed by bombing are ploughed again, but there is another task much more difficult than that: to rebuild their memories.

The Pianoterra Foundation supports the project “Samoun Road”, recognizing its high cultural and artistic value as well as the documentary’s underlying message, a vibrant indictment against the senselessness of the war that has the ability to abstract from historical and geographical contingencies to become universal.